Nicolas Courtioux

Nicolas Courtioux

Test technician

After building up extensive testing experience, first in the telecoms and then in aeronautics sector, Nicolas Courtioux has spent the last few years integrating scientific experiments on board the Airbus Zero G, and preparing the aircraft to configure it for parabolic flights.

“After more than a decade of helping scientists from different countries and researching in different field, I still feel an enormous sense of satisfaction when an experiment is a success, when the results are there, and when the time they spend with us goes well. We do everything to ensure that their stay with Novespace is pleasant and that they can work in good conditions, and know that they can count on me if they need to.”

Holder of a university degree in Physical Measurement, it was his professional experience acquired in several posts that enabled Nicolas to join the Novespace team. Having tested aviation turbines and then space thrusters, he quickly adapted to the very special Zero G environment.

“You really can work in zero gravity!”

“I love photography outside of work, and I’m lucky because little by little I became Novespace’s “official” photographer. It’s great because it gives me the opportunity to fly and I’m always amazed by how much people smile during the zero-gravity phase!”