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Scientific flights

Weightlessness or microgravity is an unrivalled tool for many scientific disciplines. It allows scientists to study phenomena that, on Earth, are masked or modified by gravity. Gravity-free flights on board the Airbus A310 Zero G therefore help to increase knowledge in almost every area of research. The Airbus A310 Zero G is a flying laboratory shared by multidisciplinary and multinational teams.

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Discovery flights

Gravity-free discovery flights are open to anyone wishing to experience the incredible sensations offered by weightlessness. Composed of fifteen parabolas, each parabolic flight produces the same weightlessness as astronauts experience in space. Accompanied by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, passengers also take part in exhilarating onboard activities. What’s more, these flights make unique and eye-catching corporate communication tools.

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Novespace: the European operator

Air Zero G by Novespace is the only zero-g operator in Europe, with 30 years of experience in organizing gravity-free flights. The Novespace Airbus A310 Zero G is the zero-gravity aircraft with the largest volume in the world.

1856 passengers

have flown onboard the Zero G aircraft

217 parabolic flights
 parabolic flights

organized by Novespace

2965 zero-gravity parabolas
 zero-gravity parabolas

flown to date

786 scientific experiments
 scientific experiments

conducted on board

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Discover photos and videos of aviation enthusiasts, fans of space exploration, sports personalities, actors and top scientists floating in gravity-free conditions on board the Airbus A310 Zero G.

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Zero-gravity scientific research flights

Countless experiments have been conducted in zero gravity across a complete range of fields, including medicine (physiology and cell biology), fluid physics, combustion, atom physics, and biology. Parabolic flights can also be used to test innovative technologies or improve the ergonomics of systems operated by astronauts.

Physiology and cell biology

Study the phenomena or reflexes specific to weightlessness, for a better knowledge of the human body.


Observe phenomena specific to weightlessness for fluid physics, atom physics and combustion.

Space technology

Test innovative technologies that can be used in spacecraft, such as cooling systems, and deployment or folding systems.

Equipment ergonomics

Improve the ergonomics of systems operated by astronauts.

Testimony of
Franck Diard
The parabolic flight is a unique experience. It’s hard to put into words. But at any rate the effects - joy, wonder, and impatience as you wait for the next parabola - are immediate, intense and shared by everyone. The...
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Testimony of
Sophie Deseure
It’s an incredible experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives: you instantly let go of yourself and then you feel a sense of wholeness spreading through your whole body... warning: excessive weightlessness can make you happy!...
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