On September 2022 at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022) in Paris, ESA introduced ten talented entrepreneurs in its start-up pitch competition. The competition was run across the ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) in two domains: Earth Observation and Space Transportation.

The winning start-up in the Earth Observation category was the French SpaceSense and in the Space Transportation category the British Magdrive. Both winners received one hour C-level mentoring from Geraldine Naja, ESA Director for Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness, and various follow ups with ESA and space industry experts. Additionally, both winners experienced weightlessness on board of an Airbus A310 Zero-G aircraft operated by Novespace.


For more information : https://commercialisation.esa.int/2023/04/esa-bic-pitch-to-fly-start-up-competition-six-months-on/