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Gilles Gompertz

Gilles Gompertz

CEO of Avico

Gilles Gompertz loves air transport in all its forms, and aircraft of all shapes and sizes, like (almost) everyone on Avico’s teams.

When Novespace approached Avico to market its Air Zero G flights, for Gilles, it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. And so, since 2011, the public has been offered this unique experience by Avico and its teams, coordinated by Gilles.

“The A310 Zero-G is a rare bird: it makes huge, infinitely precise parabolas in the sky, falls without stalling, and gives you sensations that you can surely only feel in space, awakening the inner child and dreamer in all of us. If that’s not happiness, what is?”

After training as an engineer at the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC), Gilles Gompertz began his career in the operating departments of airliner Air Liberté before moving into tourism. He then helped to set up Avico, which brings him into daily contact with airliners and other air transport players.

“Awesome, it smells of aviation fuel”

For Gilles, marketing Air Zero G flights adds an extra thrill, something special, that helps to give meaning to his work.

He divides his free time between his family, microlight aircraft and vintage cars.