Thomas Villatte

Thomas Villatte

Technical manager specialized in electrical and electronic systems

Thomas Villatte is a general electronics engineer by training. He worked for nine years as a research and development engineer in the field of small and medium power conversion for aeronautical, space and military applications. This professional experience has enabled him to develop expertise ranging from design to technical support and industrialization.

Thomas joined Novespace in 2016 to share his expertise in the design and adaptation of electrical systems with scientists conducting experiments on the Airbus A310 Zero G. Passionate about technology and physics, his favorite fields are analog electronics, power electronics, electromagnetic compatibility, thermal systems management and electrical safety.

“I provide support and advice on the design of scientific experiments”

“As a technical manager on scientific parabolic flight campaigns, my mission is to provide technical support and advice on the design and safety analysis of experiments in the highly specialized environment of a parabolic flight. Each new experiment I am involved in will potentially lead to a scientific discovery, but it will definitely be an emotional discovery for the investigators on board our flying laboratory.