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An aerospace engineer and astronaut instructor at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) European Astronaut Center (EAC), Hervé has been training astronauts for over 30 years.

He is responsible at ESA for their training for spacewalks and zero G flights and has received advanced astronaut training throughout his professional career.

Hervé was an astronaut candidate in the 2009 ESA selection process and finished in the top 45 finalists.

He is trained for spacewalks in both the American and Russian spacesuits (the only European non-astronaut in this case).

In 2014 Hervé became an “aquanaut” by participating in NASA’s NEEMO 19 mission, along with Randy Bresnik, Andreas Mogensen and Jeremy Hansen, astronauts from NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency respectively.

Hervé has performed more than 1300 parabolas with Novespace aboard four different aircraft (Caravelle Zero G, NASA KC-135, Airbus A300 Zero G and A310 Zero G) and has accumulated more than 8 hours in weightlessness.

"Discovering weightlessness means flying for the first time in an exceptional space of ultimate lightness, revealing an extraordinary freedom of movement."

“Training astronauts to work in zero gravity during Zero G flights is a real privilege for me. It is a great pleasure to introduce them to this amazing sensation, which will become their daily life in space, and to teach them how to optimize their actions in this unusual environment to prepare them for their first space mission. I have the same pleasure to make the Air Zero G passengers discover this wonderful state of lightness and to build with them the fabulous memory of the most fascinating sensation of their life. To live with them the birth of this wonder in their smiles and the glimmer of stars in their eyes truly sublimates the intensity of this shared experience”.