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Frank Lehot

Frank Lehot


A physician qualified in emergency medicine and aerospace medicine, Frank Lehot is fascinated by space exploration and the effect of weightlessness on human physiology. After discovering weightlessness in the United States, he was keen to spread the word by writing articles and giving talks. It was as he was researching a joint publication on suborbital tourism that he came into contact with Jean-François Clervoy. The ESA astronaut and the Novespace team were setting up gravity-free flights under the Air Zero G label, and Frank decided to lend them a hand.

“I’m still amazed when I watch an object or a drop of water floating majestically in space, or I float through the cabin like an astronaut in a space station. I also love sharing the gravity-free experience with other people, and seeing the look of joy and surprise on their faces when they discover it for the first time, knowing that it will remain forever etched in their memories!”

“After 12 hours of weightlessness, I still find it fascinating”

To become an Air Zero G instructor, Frank attended training courses on weightlessness and even… studied for a steward’s certificate! As a holder of a commercial cabin crew (steward) diploma, he wears several hats on board the Airbus A310 Zero G – instructor, flight physician and flight safety officer. He has accumulated 12 hours of weightlessness.