Anne-Clotilde Duchesne

Anne-Clotilde Duchesne

Administrative support for parabolic flights

If you forget to send us your paperwork, you may find yourself reading this sentence from Anne-Clotilde. Her job is to make sure that nothing administrative keeps you on the ground. When you join a flight campaign, Anne-Clotilde is the first person on the Novespace team you meet.

She’ll also provide you with your mandatory fireproof flight suit. She may have more than one hundred campaigns to her credit, but she’s still impressed by the enthusiasm of the investigators and the work they do. Astronaut or student, everyone beams with excitement as they board the aircraft.

“I knew nothing about parabolic flights before I joined Novespace. It seemed unreal to me, creating microgravity on board an airliner.  I’ve since had the chance to experience this gravity unknown on earth – it’s exhilarating. Every time I see the A310 Zero G, I feel a tinge of pride at taking part in these extraordinary flights.”

‘Unless I am very much mistaken’ - the life of a flight administrator