Parabolic Flight Engineer

Coming from an engineering school specialized in transportation (ESTACA), Alexis quickly oriented himself in the aeronautics and space environment which has always fascinated him. Before joining Novespace in 2018, Alexis worked on the implementation of an engine air intake assembly line for Airbus. This allowed him to acquire skills in mechanical design, structural calculations, project management and risk analysis in an industrial environment.


At Novespace, Alexis brings his expertise to accompany the scientists on the mechanical and pressure systems aspects from the genesis of the project to the installation of the experiment in our flying laboratory.

“It's very rewarding to be able to stimulate your curiosity on a daily basis thanks to scientific experiments!”

The weightlessness research environment is very enriching and allows to stimulate one’s curiosity in many scientific fields that are studied on board the Zero G aircraft. That’s what I like about this job. It’s also a way to get a little foot in space.

It’s great to accompany a new team on its first parabolic flight, an experience that has no equivalent on earth.

“I have always enjoyed physically understanding the world around us and it allows us to do beautiful things like parabolic flights. But also, it gives me the desire to practice sports such as paragliding, surfing or ski touring, which requires a good understanding of the environment in which we evolve to achieve fulfillment in these activities.”