Thibault PARIS

Thibault PARIS


A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and ISAE-Supaéro in aerospace engineering, Thibault is in charge of the A310 Zero G flight system and provides support to flight operations. He is also a technical expert for the research teams, helping to adapt their experiments to the particular conditions of weightlessness.

„Parabolic flight is at the crossroads between aeronautics, aerospace and research. Pilots, researchers, doctors, engineers… What motivates me every morning is working with people with very different profiles and in an international context. In one morning, I can go from a fluid mechanics experiment to a physiology experiment, both at the cutting edge of their field. It’s very stimulating!“

„The research conducted in the aircraft generates dozens of papers each year, and we regularly see experimenters returning to fly, with experimental systems that are constantly being improved. This long-term follow-up is very interesting. Parabolic flights also allow us to test experiments before sending them to the ISS and it is always a great joy to see astronauts operating them in orbit.

Passionate about aviation and space, Thibault flies in a flying club in his spare time and speaks to middle and high school students to share his experience and inspire them to study science.

"Each new experiment is a challenge because we have to find technical solutions to guarantee safety on board the aircraft without altering the quality of the scientific results.

„I’ve been passionate about space exploration since I was very young. Being able to experience weightlessness as part of my job is an extraordinary opportunity that I never tire of. But what motivates me the most is to be able to contribute to scientific research, by offering researchers a state-of-the-art platform for their experiments.

In parabolic flight, Thibault alternates between supporting the experimenters, flight coordinator and instructor on Air Zero G flights.