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A propos de moi

Coming from a scientific and commercial background, I am the kind of person that is creative and likes to take over challenges. Being a space enthusiast, I grew up in a family of engineers, all passionate about space and aeronautics. At the beginning, I was thinking that the space industry was dedicated to scientists. Now I strongly believe that this industry needs diverse knowledge and competences to sustain in the long run. My vision? Access to space for everyone.


A once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget! I had an extraordinary day with people passionate by their work, taking care of every need and having fun doing it. Since my ZeroG flight, I keep thinking about how to enhance the lifestyle in low gravity. Jumping around and doing push ups with one finger on a lunar gravity at 0.16g is also an amazing sensation. Overall it was one of the most fun, instructive and entertaining activity of my life. I strongly recommend!

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