Brian Verther

Brian Verther


An engineer with a doctorate in fluid mechanics, Brian first discovered the world of parabolic flight as a scientist. Like many children, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and went on to develop an interest in physical phenomena under zero-gravity conditions, especially fluid behavior.

After honing his experience on board the A300 Zero G, modeling flows in rocket engines, he joined Novespace, where he now helps other scientists conduct experiments.

“My main aim is to help scientists conduct reliable experiments under gravity-free conditions, based on my experience in mechanics and pressurized systems.”

“Helping scientists, coaching the public”

Alongside his work as an engineer, since the launch of the service, Brian has shared his passion as an instructor on zero-gravity discovery flights for the general public.

“I do a few zero-gravity discovery flights every year on top of my day-to-day work as an engineer, and I really love it. What strikes me most when I’m coaching passengers is the fact that they all look so blissfully happy. They might be space enthusiasts, thrill seekers, competition winners, with or without physical disabilities, and regardless of whether they’ve saved up for months for the flight or not, on their first parabola, they all grin like kids, or even scream with delight. Even after 2,000 parabolas, I never get tired of it!”